What is the Importance of Vitamin B-complex in Pigs with Dr. Mary Grace Alba


By: Oreste D. David, DVM

Want to give proper nutrition to your pigs? Looking for the benefits and ways to give vitamin b-complex?

In this article, we will explore the importance of proper nutrition in pigs. Then we will show a few symptoms of Vitamin B-complex deficiencies and excesses. Also we will provide you the benefits and programs of using Vitamin B-complex in Pigs.

To learn what is the importance of Vitamin B-complex supplementation in pigs, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch this video:

Dr. Mary Grace Humarang-Alba is a graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in University of the Philippines in Los Banos. She has expertise in farm trouble shooting, focusing on swine production, health and management. Cureently, she is the Technical Consultant for Swine of Elanco Philippines, Inc.

I) What is the Importance of Balanced Nutrition?

Pigs get balanced nutrition mostly from the feeds that we give them. These nutrients are affected by other factors like environment, feed digestibility, feed quality and other factors to keep the pigs healthy.
Pigs use these nutrients and energy in maintaining the body’s temperature, metabolism and excretion of body waste in urine and feces. Also, these are used for defense against diseases. But mainly it is essential for growth and weight gain.
The growth rate of pigs (Average daily gain) is directly related to the nutrient intake of pigs. If the nutrients are deficient, pigs will grow slowly. Moreover, excess nutrients can cause toxicity which is also not beneficial. So we need to maintain the proper nutritional requirements to reach our target weight.
But what may cause poor nutrition in pigs? Stress is the primary cause. This can be due to environmental or management problems in the farm. Examples of these are enumerated   below:
Stress and its major causes in pigs
Feed-related disorders can also lead to poor nutrition in pigs.
Feed related disorders that causes poor nutrition
Therefore, to ensure our pigs get the proper nutrients needed for growth and weight gain, we need to supplement them if you think they are not getting enough nutrients due to stress or other factors involved.

II) What are the Symptoms of Vitamin B-complex deficiencies and excesses?

  Vitamin B-complex Deficiencies

If sow have Vitamin B-complex deficiencies, they may exhibit Anestrous. It may also cause anorexia, decreased farrowing rate, reduced feed intake, reduced litter size and small or weak piglets.
Vitamin B-complex deficiency in piglets and growing pigs may show the following symptoms (figure _).
Diarrhea, sudden death, gait stiff and stilted, reduced feed intake, rough haircoat. hair loss, vomiting, staggering movement, reduced weight gain.

 Vitamin B-complex Excesses

So far, there are no documented cases of side effects in giving excess of Vitamin B-complex in pigs. (This is according to the reference book Diseases of Swine, 10th edition).

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III) What are the Benefits of Giving Vitamin B-complex?

     Here are the benefits of B-complex vitamins to our pigs

A) Thiamine or Vitamin B1

            – Prevents emaciation (pamamayat)
            – Prevents sudden death in pigs
            -Increase in weight gain

B) Riboflavin or Vitamin B2

            – Prevents anestrous in sows
            – Prevents decrease in farrowing rate
            – Improves weight gain
            – Improves hair growth
            – Prevents stiffness in pigs

C) Niacin or Vitamin B3

            – Prevents emaciation (pamamayat)
            – Prevents diarrhea
            – Improves appetite
            – Improves hair growth
            – Prevents vomiting
            – Increase weight gain
            – Prevents anemia

D) Panthothenic acid or Vitamin B5

            – Improves hair growth
            – Increase weight gain
            – Prevents “goose stepping”
            – Improves sow performance

E) Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6

           – Prevents emaciation (pamamayat)
            – Prevents sudden death
            – Improves weight gain
            – Prevents convulsions
            – Prevents vomiting

F) Biotin or Vitamin B7

            – Improves hair growth
            – Prevents diarrhea
            – Prevents small litter size

G) Folic Acid or Vitamin B9

            – Increase weight gain
            – Improves litter size / no. of piglets
            – Prevents anemia

H) Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12

            – Prevents emaciation (pamamayat)
            – Improves hair coat
            – Appetite stimulant
            – Prevents stiffness
            – Improves litter size
            – Prevents weak and small piglets born
            – Increase body weight
            – Prevents anemia

I) Natural Liver Extract

            – Increase in appetite
            – Synergistic with Vitamin B12

IV) What are Programs in using Vitamin B-complex in Pigs?

       Presented below is the Program in using Vitamin B-complex in Pigs

Key Takeaways from this episode:

1) A balanced nutrition has a great impact on the sow, piglets and growing pigs.
2) Stress, diseases and feed related disorders can cause poor nutrition or low supply of Vitamin B-complex in pigs
3) We need to give vitamin B-complex supplements to provide adequate level of nutrition in times of stessful conditions and in the presence of disease.
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