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discover how to earn big profits in hog raising and have financial freedom even if you are a beginner without losing your hard-earned money

Secrets Revealed by a pig Veterinarian with 20 Years Experience and has existing hog raising business

Dear Aspiring and Newbie Hog Raisers,

I’ve got exciting news for you. You can earn big profits in hog raising business even if you are a first timer.

It is easy to start and you can get up to 100% Return of investment in just 1 year.

Is it impossible? Not really.

But maybe you are already a hog raiser before but failed.

You became frustrated dahil nalugi ka on your last venture. And worse, you end up losing your hard-earned investment instead.

Masakit. It’s frustrating. It’s humiliating. And sometimes it feels like no matter how much time you spend or how many times you try to grow your piggery business, lagi kang nabibigo.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, let me just reassure you that hindi ka nag-iisa. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried and failed before in hog raising.

You see, the reason why you will not become a millionaire hog raiser and be an entrepreneur is because of lack of knowledge, guidance and experience as a successful hog raiser.

I mean isipin mo: Maybe you just learned a few from reading outdated articles in hog raising sa internet. Or listened to the advice of other hog raisers na baguhan din na kulang din sa kaalaman to help you become successful.

After all, hindi lahat ng hog raisers ay successful and it takes a lot of time and costly trial and errors to learn the secrets to be one.


My name is Doc Teng David


Like many of us, I was groomed to become an employee. I had the same fate as everyone else – that is, graduate in college as a professional and get a good, stable job.

After kong mag graduate in 1999 from UP at Los Banos as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, I got a job as Animal Production Specialist in a well-known Feed Manufacturing Company. I was assigned in Bicol Region for 2 years to conduct seminars and farm visits to help Pig farmers grow their business.

I was thrilled! Sa wakas isa na akong ganap na beterinaryo – earning money, putting my knowledge to good use.

The whole point of obtaining a degree is to eventually have a job, di ba?

Pero after my 2 years of employment, naging balisa na ako. I saw that many Pig farmers have a lot of problems due to lack of technical knowledge in hog raising. Marami ang nalugi at nagsara ng negosyo. I really want to help them succeed because my passion is pig farming.

Isa pa, working in a corporate world offered limited income and opportunities for me.  Kahit mas masipag ka pa sa Boss mo, your paycheck will always be smaller.

Kaya nag decide ako, I moved to another Feed company that doubled my previous salary. Now I cover all customer pig farms in South Luzon and Bicol Region. As a Veterinary Services Manager, meron akong 5 junior vets and swine production specialist na tinuruan ko how to treat and manage pigs. Then they help me with my technical activities like conducting seminars for pig farmers and doing veterinary medical missions.

Akala ko ngayong may malaking sahod na ako, magiging masaya na ako.

I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

Only months after working as a Manager, I felt the same restlessness.

Na realize ko I only traded the old jail with a bigger one.


I didn’t escape. I relocated.



Then somewhere in early 2005, a 30-sow level customer pig farm in Pagbilao, Quezon asked me bakit wala pa akong sariling piggery business.

He is a retired attorney who started his farm 2 years ago and is now making money. Pero sabi nya, he had a big regret, because he should have started this business 10 years ago kung may nag mentor lang daw sa kanya.

Sinabi nya sa akin that I have all the knowledge, youth and resources to start my own piggery business. Pero sabi ko, I am still waiting for the right time and I do not have much capital yet.

Then to my surprise, he gave me a book to read, a short-length book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (until now I still have it).

While reading the book, I felt as if the heavens opened up and the voice of our Heavenly Father revealed to me bakit lagi akong balisa, why I was always discontented.

I realized I had this itch, something what was in my DNA all along and that is…

…to be an entrepreneur.

This is my AHA! moment

That’s when I started a small Piggery farm and a Pig Artificial Insemination business that year in Pampanga.

I had no business background.

No mentors.

No one to guide me.

The only business book I read was Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” That’s it.

Since I had no idea where to start, I worked full-time and ran my business on the side.

I wore two hats everyday – the hard working 9-5 employee by day and then the budding pig farmer by night.

Pagka day-off ko on weekends, I am in our small piggery farm and also visits our pig A.I. customers kahit pa Sunday!

After one year, my side business’ revenue was now more than my 9-5 job’s salary. Back then, meron na kaming 12 A.I. boars and 10 sows with their piglets.

So I did the scariest thing I did in my entire life…

I finally quit my job and went full-time in my piggery business.

No more steady income, no health benefits, no more paid vacation, and other perks of the corporate world.

It was the point where I said goodbye to my 9 to 5 job and finally… “I’ve escaped the corporate world.”



Now if you will ask me, did I regret what I did?

Not a bit of regret. Once you have a profitable business, you’ll get ALL the perks from your corporate job and MORE!

Bilang isang entrepreneur, you’re exchanging effort for money.

Kung gusto mong lumaki ang kita, simply put more effort in your business.

You can go on vacations anytime you want. Walang magbabawal sa iyo.

Kung di mo naman feel mag work on that day, you don’t have to. You can work as much or as few hours as you want.

After 7 long years na bilanggo in a corporate world, I finally broke out of the corporate jail. I was living a free, abundant life.

Working became enjoyable. Time felt like my best friend rather than my master.

If you have the proper information, skills and guidance like everyone else, then in no time, you will become successful as well

I started hog raising last 2012. Pero di nag successful because I had no knowledge and no mentor in hog raising. Puro trial and error ang ginawa ko.

So I asked around at nakilala ko si Doc  Teng David. I inquired at nagsimula ulit with 3 gilts and I successfully grew into a 30-sow level farm. Kahit ngayon, I call Dr. David pag may problems with my pigs.

I recommend him lalo na sa mga newbies in hog raising because you will learn a lot from him.

Paul Petallo / Successful Hog Raiser in Florida Blanca, Pampanga

I’m Malou of Tamis farm sa Pampanga. I started with 20 sows kung saan  unti-unti kong napalaki sa tulong ng batikang Veterinarian at may-ari ng Davsaic na si Dr. Oreste David na mas kilala sa pangalang Doc Teng.

With modern technology at sa kahusayan ni Doc Teng in pig farming business, kami ngayon ay umabot na sa 170 sow-level.

Kaya I’m forever grateful sa patuloy na pag antabay ni Doc Teng sa aming kumikitang piggery business.

Malou T. / Tamis Farm in Porac, Pampanga

        I’ve known Doc Teng since college days pa in UPLB. Siya unang mentor ko in hog raising when I got to work with him sa dalawang companies. I was then assigned in Bicol Region and most of  our clients love him because of his dedication to help small hog raisers.

      Then we conducted hundreds of swine raising seminars, veterinary medical missions and farm visits para matulungan mga pig farmers. We addressed hog raisers’ problems, nanggamot ng maysakit na baboy at tinuruan silang magpalaki ng business.

      Until now, I always consult Doc Teng lalo na sa swine raising because of his long actual experience in pig farming. I am sure marami pa syang matutulungang hog raisers dahil generous sya magbigay ng alam nya.

Dr. Rica Mesolania / Veterinary Swine Practitioner and Quarantine Officer, Bicol Region

With all the knowledge, skills and wisdom I have for the past 20 years as a Pig Veterinarian, as a Pig farmer and as an Entrepreneur, I thought of writing an E-book to help the hog raising newbies, OFWs and people in 9-to-5  jobs learn how to be a successful, millionaire hog raiser.

Introducing my E-book “How to Become a Millionaire Hog Raiser” – the First Pig Farming E-book to help you become successful and grow your fortune in hog raising even if you are just a newbie or an aspiring hog raiser!

That’s right, now you too can be a Millionaire Hog Raiser, even if You have zero knowledge in Pig Farming!

But you weren’t born with the wisdom and skill needed in pig farming. You don’t have experience, insights, skill, knowledge, network or assets that you need to succeed. You probably don’t even have the basic training on how to start a piggery business.

So it’s no wonder that those you know didn’t give you the specific results you wanted. It’s no wonder that everyone else makes it look so easy, while you struggle to earn your first million in hog raising.

Until now, that is.

It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried to invest time and resources before, but you’re not really any better off than before. So it feels like too much to hope for to believe that this brand new and timely Pig Farming E-book really could be the solution to give you a profitable business.
But this E-book, “How to Become a Millionaire Hog Raiser” is unlike any you’ve ever tried before. That’s because it is written by a Swine Veterinarian with 20 years experience in actual hog raising . And in just minutes from now you’ll:
  • Discover the ultimate secrets of earning millions of profit in hog raising – you simply can’t fail once you know this!                                                        
  • A surefire way to grow your Piggery Business and have financial freedom.                                                                                                       
  • Plus you’ll even get wisdom and skill in raising pigs through free online mentorship from the author, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible!
I know, these sound like bold claims. But I’ve used these strategies to earn millions as well. I’ve shared these same strategies with countless other newbie hog raisers or those planning to have pig farms so that they could gain knowledge and insights to have a successful business. And I know these little-known hog raising secrets will work for you too.
But you don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, just look at the proof:

Take a look at what others are saying about “How to Become a Millionaire Hog Raiser”:

An Excellent Resource

         Siksik sa information ang e-book na ito. Dr. David doesn’t assume anything and sisimulan muna nya sa basics then goes practical. Ang sarap basahin.

        It is also organized in a way you can easily go to the chapter that you need for the information you want. Within chapters, he sprinkled it with his actual experience na very applicable sa hog raising ngayon.

       It was an amazing experience at sulit ang pagkabili ko nito. I’m so glad I purchased this e-book

Nile David / Farm owner

Great book for beginners or seasoned hog raisers!        Great guide para maging successful sa pig farming. Kahit baguhan o datihang hog raiser ka na, this book will show you how to raise your pigs in a healthy and practical way. Ang pinaka nagustuhan ko ay mga valuable tips ni Doc Teng for the active hog raisers like me.       Highly recommended ko sya at two thumbs up!

Mary Jane De Guzman / OFW

A must read!!

          This is so far the best asset na nakita ko in terms of pig farming in the Philippines. Doc Teng is very detailed, very explicit, at practical ang approach nya.

         I call it the “bible of pig farming in the Philippines”. Andaming knowledge from this book and it’s unbelievable!

        This is the best investment para sa hog raisers na tulad ko. Get this book!!!

Raymond Dalusong / Hog Raiser
If “How to Become a Millionaire Hog Raiser” works so well for these folks, just imagine what it can do for YOU!
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Tell you what, it’s worth twice the price as those other Well-known Pig Farming Reference Books, simply because this E-book is a compilation of 20 years actual experience and trainings of the author as a pig farmer, veterinarian and entrepreneur. Also, the content of this e-book is up-to-date and relevant to what is the current pig farming scenario in the Philippines.
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  • WARNING: Don’t even think of buying piglets or gilts as your seed stocks until you learn how choosing inferior breeds of pigs can sabotage your feed expenses and have low profit!                                                               

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  • You’ll find out how to avoid overspending in constructing your pig buildings or pig pens – never again will you blame yourself because of trial and error!                                                                                                

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  • Plus you’ll even find out how to produce quality market hogs in less than 5 months from birth – you’ll even amaze yourself with this neat little trick!

And much, much more. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know everything you need to know about secrets of successful and experienced hog raisers – guaranteed!

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