Common Pig Breeding Problems | Hog Raising FAQs Show Ep 1

Welcome to the First episode of the Hog Raising FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Show, a new show for hog raisers who want to gain new knowledge in swine farming and get answers to their questions or problems in their pigs.

On this episode, Dr. Teng David will answer questions about Pig breeding that affects production performance of piggery farms.

Watch the replay of this week’s episode below.

About Our Host

  • Dr. Oreste D. David is a Swine Veterinarian Expert with 20 years experience in hog raising. He’s the founder of Pinoy Hog Raising and Pinoy Pig Academy Facebook Communities and manages David Swine A.I. Center, Inc. and Viddavet Trading

Use the timestamps below to fast-forward to our top questions in the replay above.

  • 3:45 Why is it that gilts or sows do not come to heat?
  • 18:15 Why is my sow has whitish discharge from the vagina?
  • 36:55 Why is my sow farrowed abnormal piglets?
  • 43:30 What is maternal line breeding and terminal line breeding?

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