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Best Advice to Hog Raisers from Swine Expert

Want to seek advice about hog raising from a Pig Expert? Do you have problems with your pigs and need immediate solution? In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions of hog raiser and provide them with answers. Dr. Teng David is a Swine Expert and the Technical and Marketing […]

What is the Science of Treating Bacterial Diseases in Pigs? | Ep. 14 of Hog Raising FAQs Show

Want to know how to treat bacterial diseases using antibiotics? Worried about antibiotic resistance developing in your pig farm? To explore more on the science of treating bacterial diseases in pigs, I interviewed Dr. Alex Peralta on our Hog Raising FAQs Show.  Dr. Alex Peralta is a Swine Expert and the the Sales, Marketing and […]

Tips from Industry Experts on How to Prevent Mummified Piglets in Sows | Ep. 13 Hog Raising FAQs Show

Mummified piglets are the most common problems in Pig Farming. They cause financial and production losses especially to newbie hog raisers. Moreover, there are a lot of diseases and management factors to consider in order to prevent this problem. In this article we, will discuss the possible causes of this problem and learn ways on […]

Pig Farm Biosecurity Essentials | Ep. 5 Hog Raising FAQs Show

Pig Farm Biosecurity

Farm Biosecurity has played a central role to keep out emerging diseases like African Swine Fever (ASF) from entering our Pig farms. Learn the vital steps that can help you protect your pigs inside the farm. Welcome to the Fifth Episode of the Hog Raising FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Show. It is dedicated for hog […]

Most Common Piglet Diseases | Hog Raising FAQs Show Ep. 2

Welcome to the 2nd Episode of the Hog Raising FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Show, a new show dedicated for hog raisers and would-be hog raisers who want to gain new knowledge in swine farming and get answers to their questions or problems in their pigs. On this Episode, Dr. Teng David will answer questions about […]