Available A.I. Boars



  1. Hi,
    We are planning to get F1 gilts. What would be the ideal breed for this? Duroc or Pietrain Duroc? Our farm is in Cam Sur. Will you be doing the AI or you will just send the bottle containing the semen and someone from here will do the insemination? How much is the cost of AI per pig. We are planning of having 12-24 gilts by next year.

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  2. sir I want to purchase pig semen I’m from india I am doing pig farming as a breeding in india I have a large white york shire breed but in india there lot of demand a good breed in future so I want to buy new breed semen which success in india according to temperature plz contact my number 09855229650


  3. Hi,i have 2 duroc gilt,1 hamroc and duroc pietrain.what boar semen you would recommend for me to produce hogs ideal for additional breeder and fattening?


    1. Ideally po kung inahin ang balak nyong gawin, lahing landrace at large white gamitin nyong barako. Pag fattener po gagawin nyo, duroc pietrain o white duroc ang gagamitin nyong barako


      1. Ok,but is it ok if ill use duroc,pietrain and white duroc as boar and retain breeders from the piglets cos plan ko mag focus on this breeed and develop nang pang upgrade material for other interested buyer and fattening in the future


  4. If you make breeders from piglets with duroc, white duroc or pietrain breed, nawawala po iyong good maternal qualities like good milker, fast growth rate, large litter size, good mothering ability na nasa maternal lines like landrace or large white. We suggest mag pureline breeding po kayo kung gusto nyo i retain ang lahing duroc or pietrain. If market hogs naman po target nyo, pwede kayo mag crossbreeding ng landracex large white na inahin at duroc pietrain na barako


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