Davsaic Breeds Available

         Our 80 genetically superior and performance-tested boars used for artificial insemination (A.I.) came from Creekview Genetics. Creekview Genetic’s meticulous breeding standards and their being in the top three pig breeders in the country has convinced DavsAIc to stick with them. This will ensure the boars can produce better quality offspring for the hog raisers to further increase their profit.


I) Landrace

     Landrace is known as the “World’s Maternal Breed”. It is known for its excellent mothering ability and prolificacy. Its skin is white and devoid of colored or black hair. But some have small bluish/blackspots on the skin. Its ears are big and drooping, the body is long, the head and neck are light and has excellent ham development. They are usually used in crossbreeding program with the large white to produce F1 gilts which are suited for intensive swine production. We have seven grand parent (GP) Landrace A.I. boars to choose from

II) Large White / Yorkshire

      Largewhite is known as “Mother Breed”. It is known for its very good mothering ability and large litter size. It has medium-sized, erect ears. They have white skin and free from black hair. They have large-framed body and the legs are strong and sturdy. Usually the breed is crossbred with Landrace to produce maternal lines in commercial piggery farms. We have seven GP Large white / Yorkshire A.I. boars to choose from.

III) Duroc

        Duroc is known as the “World’s Terminal Sire” because it is superior in terms of growth rate and feed efficiency. Its skin is solid reddish color, with variants of light golden brown to very dark red or gold or deep cherry red. It has medium-sized, drooping ears and the snout is short and straight. It is large-framed, robust and massive-growing pig. It has good muscle quality with robust bone structure. It is used in cross-breeding program as terminal sire for the production of slaughter pigs, which are characterized as fast growing, better in feed efficiency, with good muscle development and excellent carcass quality. We have five GP Duroc A.I. boars to choose from.


          Pietrain is also known as the “Muscle Breed” because of its super muscular development in the ham, loin and shoulder with very thin backfat. It is asymmetrically dappled, mostly spots of black and white, with medium sized erect ears but they can droop forward. The head is short to medium-length with a dished snout. When crossed with other breeds like Duroc, their offspring can be used as a terminal sire. We have two GP PIETRAIN A.I. boars to choose from.


         White duroc are hybrids and were developed to market white finishing pigs with Duroc carcass quality. Its genetic make up has a high percentage of Duroc breed to maintain excellent growth rate and feed efficiency. They are also robust and offspring have superior lean gain. If you prefer the meat quality of duroc boars without the dark colored skin, this is the right breed for you. This breed is one of our best seller in terms of boar semen sale because hog raisers have seen its growth rate advantage over other terminal boars. That is why we have twenty six White Duroc terminal A.I. boars to choose from.


           Duroc Pietrain is a hybrid produced by crossing a male Duroc and a female Pietrain breed. The crossbred is outstanding in terms of growth rate, feed conversion efficiency and carcass quality. Moreover, the progenies are well-muscled with very thin backfat. This can be attributed to the positive traits it derived from both Duroc and Pietrain. It has different color variants, ranging from white-pigmented, sandy, sandy-pigmented, light red-pigmented, deep red-pigmented variants. If your buyer prefer market hogs with defined muscular body with thin backfat, this is your ideal breed to use. We have eleven Duroc PIETRAIN terminal A.I. boars to choose from.


           Pietrain Duroc is also a crossbred using Pietrain boar and Duroc Sow. Its traits and color are similar with that of the Duroc Pietrain breed. This is an ideal sire for F1 gilts to produce an ideal market hog in terms of muscle development, excellent daily weight gain, and robustness. In Pampanga, this is the preferred terminal boar in making market hogs because buyers pay a higher price for the fatteners produced from this breed. That is why we have fifteen Pietrain Duroc terminal A.I. boars to choose from.


             White Pietrain is a hybrid produced using a male Large White and female Pietrain or vice versa. The crossbred takes advantage of the hybrid vigor produced using the two breeds. The result is a muscular pig with improvement in growth rate and thin backfat. Also, the feet are more stable and bone structure is solid. If your buyer prefer a white colored muscular market hogs, you can use this breed as the terminal boar. We have four White PIETRAIN terminal A.I. boars to choose from.


             These are hybrids like Hampshire Pietrain, Hampshire Duroc, and Berkshire Pietrain. These breeds have robust constitution, making them ideal cross to native pigs and other colored breeds. Moreover, their body is medium sized and large framed, level backs and muscular hams, chops and blades. The base color is black with white belts on the foreflank, or the snout is partially white or the pasterns are white depending on the breed used to cross with the Pietrain sow or boar. We have three Exotic terminal A.I. boars to choose from.

          Boar semen costs 800 pesos for 2 doses of terminal boar semen and 1,400 pesos for 2 doses of gp semen. We ship semen nationwide thru Lbc.